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Name: Lyman Bostock, Sr.
DOB: March 11, 1918   RIP: Sept 23, 1978
Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama
Brooklyn Royal Giants (Independent) 1938, 1939
Birmingham Black Barons - 1940-42, 1946
Chicago American Giants - 1947, 1949
Mexican Leagues/New York Cubans - 1948
Winnipeg Buffalos in Mandak League 1950-51, 1952-53

Position: first base, outfield, shortstop Bats: left Throws: right

Lyman had an incredible desire to play baseball as far back as he can remember. His childhood was peppered with baseball games in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama. When he graduated high school, he took a job at a local nursery. He enjoyed the work but would opt to soon leave in favor of the money that was offered in the mines. It was little more than three months before Lyman heard a calling outside of the mines. He felt a desire to leave the confines of Birmingham. And so he did; he packed his bags and was headed for Michigan in search of work.

Eventually his travels would lead him to New York where he would enjoy spending time visiting his brother. While his search for work had continued, he realized that deep down in his heart he wanted to play baseball. So before leaving New York he was offered an opportunity to try-out with the New York Black Yankees. He was turned away here due to a lack of experience. He would however come upon a chance to play shortstop for the Brooklyn Royal Giants. He remained in New York until 1938. At this time, Bostock's father became ill, and Lyman returned to Birmingham to be at home with his dad. His dad passed away soon after in 1939.

In 1940, Lyman took the field for the Birmingham Black Barons. In his second season with the Barons he was selected to play in the 1941 East West All-Star Game. He returned to the Barons and remained with the team until he was called to serve in the US Army in late 1942. He was deployed to service overseas during WWII, and was assigned to the Buffalo Outfit - 92nd Division. Throughout his days in the service, Lyman was introduced to and soon after became intrigued with the uses of plywood. He spent many hours designing the projects that he would one day be able to build. As his four-year tour came to an end, Lyman contemplated his future. As it would turn out, Lyman picked up right where he left off... playing baseball on the fields of the Negro Leagues. Bostock was a solid all around player, well known, and respected throughout the league. His remaining career in baseball took him from Birmingham through Chicago, Mexico, New York, Canada, and to the Jackie Robinson All-Star Team.

Aside from baseball, Lyman was blessed with a God given gift for the arts. His particular talent was working with wood. He began creating beautiful pieces of art from natural woods that he would find lying on the forest floor and also alongside the railroad tracks. He had an incredible ability to see the finished product from these scrapes of wood. He has over the years carved everything from waste paper baskets and baseball bats to lamps and tables. His latest marvel is a special piece he calls "the mighty hand of God."

Lyman Bostock gained employment with the US Postal Service and remained there until he retired after 28 years of service. At 84 years of age, he remains an active part of his hometown church and community.

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